Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Blessed By It All

The past week has been flying by, that's for sure.  Around here we are gearing up for the final week before our big dance performance and a graduation party.  Cinnamon and Paprika have been dancing like crazy.  They went to a feis (pronounced "fesh") last weekend.  A feis is an Irish dance competition.  This was a pretty big one with over 500 girls and boys competing.  The dresses were bright and glittery and the hair, well the hair was big.  Yes, we too had big hair.

Those are wigs, by the way.  No way could I have curled their hair like that and left them with any hair at all.  Plus, in a way, you know you have made it to an upper level of dance when you are told you need to break down and buy that wig.  This was the first feis and first wig excursion for the girls.  They were quite excited by it all.

We had a blast.  The feis was in Seattle next to the Space Needle. 

They had a lot of fun and did very well.  They were pretty excited.

Now we are back to reality and less curl.  They are gearing up for a performance next week so there are hours and hours of rehearsal.  Six days of dance this week.  Good thing we car pool!  I can only suspect what next week will bring!  So by next Saturday, I will be ready to just sit back and watch!

Allspice has been keeping the pace with his sisters by throwing in a graduation party and all it entails next Sunday.  Who is in charge of the schedule?  Oh, me, you say.  Well, I was thinking (first mistake) that it would be a good idea to have a graduation party the same weekend as a dance performance so out-of-town grandparents and relatives could do both.  Hmmm.  I will leave you to your thoughts.

Good thing I have help!  Cinnamon, baker extraordinaire, has already made and stocked the freezer with more than 30 dozen cookies with delicious sounding names like Mochachino Chip, Mandarin Orange Chocolate Chip, Triple Chocolate, Snickerdoodle, Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip, and Pecan Almond Sugar Cookies.  All gluten free!!!  And as the official taster, I can vouch that they are all delicious as well!

While she has been baking, Allspice and I have been taking pictures and getting things ready.  It has been busy, but I have enjoyed seeing my kids reaching and succeeding in their own ways.  I look at them and think, I am so blessed, so very blessed.

So I leave you to head off to bed.  Tomorrow is another busy day.  Starting with the septic tank guys who need to replace the pump that went out.  Why now in the midst of all this chaos?  Well, I am just thankful it wasn't next week!  Thank you God for the little things! 

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  1. My oldest (9) is an Irish dancer! We haven't moved into wigs and glittery dresses, yet, but we have experienced about 3 feis(es) ... Congrats to your daughters! It looks like they did very well, and it looks like they really enjoy Irish dance! It is such fun to watch!

    I only have seen a glimpse of your teenaged children through your blog, but I can tell that they are great kids (young adults!) You are indeed blessed!

    Congrats to your son, too! Enjoy every busy moment!!


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