Tuesday, May 22, 2012

We Made It!!!!!

I am back!  I made it through my first homeschool graduation!  It wasn't so bad really.  All those years I fretted and worried that I would never make it to that iconic day; the day where, after years of homeschooling, we would reach the end: graduation. 

It was a perfect weekend.  Cinnamon and Paprika had their end-of-the-year recital on Saturday.  It was outstanding.  An Dochas, an Irish band, played for the entire show.  It was beautiful.  They played a lot of songs off their Rise CD.  I just sat back and listened and watched and beamed!  I was so proud.

Cinnamon is second from the left.  Paprika is fourth from the left.

It was even better because we had so many friends and family visiting for the weekend that they were also able to see them perform!  It was truly a joy to watch.

Sunday was Allspice's turn.  The day was filled with family and friends and about 40 dozen cookies, all gluten-free, and all made by Cinnamon!

There were Orange Chocolate Chip, Mochachinos, Snickerdoodles, Almond Pecan Sugar Cookies, Triple Chocolate, Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip, Coconut Oatmeal, Mint Chocolate, Cinnamon chip  and Zebra Cookies.  Yum!!!  All gluten free which was awesome.  Imagine a table full of cookies, and you can eat any or all of them if you please!  Delicious!

It was so much fun to see family and friends and share in such a wonderful celebration.  There was volleyball, laughter, hugs, and relaxation. 

The rain even held off until the open house ended.  What a blessing!!!  All I can say is that the day was a gift.  A gift to see so many friends and family.  A gift to celebrate such accomplishment.  A gift to see a little boy I once cradled in my arms reach the end of one journey only to begin a new one into adulthood.  A gift to see my family surrounded by such love.


  1. Congrats to your grad!! What a wonderful celebration! That cookie table looks amazing!!!

    Congrats to your Irish dancers, too! It looks like it was a fabulous performance!

    Lastly, what a GREAT family photo!! You are blessed!

  2. The cookies WERE amazing! And your kids even more so. We love you guys!


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