Friday, December 9, 2011

What Do I Buy Online?

Online shopping can be a great way to purchase gluten free items for a better price.  A reader recently asked what do I buy online.  These are some of the best deals I have found.

1.  Heartland Pasta.  First of all this pasta tastes like the real thing!  It cooks and acts like normal pasta.  It is my favorite by far.  It comes in the spaghetti, fusilli, and penne pasta varieties.  The only store I have been able to find it in is Walmart and often they are out.  The price at Walmart is $2.18.  Online I can purchase a case of 12 on Amazon's Subscribe and Save for $2.20 a package and I get exactly what I want and I don't have to drive thirty minutes to go to Walmart where they may or may not have the pasta.

2.  Gluten Free Mama's Flours:  This is a great flour blend if you don't want the hassle of mixing all your own flours.  It produces excellent baked goods that are not gritty or crumbly.  It comes in two varieties: an almond flour blend and a coconut flour blend.  I have used both and both are excellent.  The coconut blend is great for those with nut allergies.  In the store you can easily spend $15.00 or more for a four pound bag of flour.  The cheapest I have ever found this product was on sale for $11.24.  Needless to say I stocked up.  You can purchase it on Amazon's Subscribe and Save in a pack of two for $25.99 which makes them $12.99 each.  This flour also comes in smaller sizes as well.

3.  Gluten Free Mama Pancake Mix:  I use this pancake mix because I really like the taste and I can make it dairy free!  A word of caution for those with nut allergies: it does contain almond meal.  I also use Gluten Free Mama's Pizza Crust Mix because it is the best I have found.  It is delicious.  Amazon's Subscribe and Save plan makes this crust $5.42.  The package makes two nice sized pizza crusts which feed my family of five when I add a side salad.

4.  Bob's Red Mill Cornbread:  Also on Amazon's Subscribe and Save in a pack of four.  Each package ends up costing approximately $2.53.  I like this cornbread mix because it is easy and I can make it dairy free.  My husband loves cornbread and this is his favorite by far!

5.  Envirokids Granola Bars:  These are yummy!  They come in several different varieties and the subscribe and save plan can make them as little as $2.47 a box.  They are great for quick snacks and for on the go which is so important for gf families.

6. Xanthan Gum:  A staple in gf cooking.  I recently found this one on Amazon.  Before I used Bob's Red Mill xanthan gum, but this one is a MUCH better deal.  This brand is not on the subscribe and save program, but the cost is still amazing when you compare it to other brands.  It costs $14.95 for 1 POUND compared to other options which can cost you $11.09 for 8 ounces!

7.  Namaste Muffin Mix:  The best thing about this muffin mix it that you can make any kind of muffin you can think of or create because this is a base mix.  We have made blueberry, chocolate chip, almond, orange chocolate chip, to name a few.  With subscribe and save you pay about $4.18 for a package which makes 12 muffins.  This is much more cost effective than buying four muffins for six dollars out of the freezer at the grocery store.  I make a batch and keep them in the freezer for when we need them. 

8.  Glutino Crackers and Pretzels:  The crackers are a much better deal than you can get in the store, so are the pretzels.  I have not found the ultimate cracker yet, but my family does like these and they come in four different varieties.  You may want to purchase a box at the store and try them before you buy online.  The pretzels on the other hand are awesome!  They are also dairy free!  They have a great taste and crunch.  I use them in Chex Mix and just as a snack.  Cinnamon says she likes them better than the old gluten filled pretzels.  They have a better taste.

9. Betty Crocker Cake Mix (GF):   This is a great product and so much cheaper online.  A box, through subscribe and save, costs around $3.04 compared to $4.79 in the store.  It come in the vanilla and chocolate varieties.  We use them to make cakes and cookies from this cookbook.  I have also used the Brownie Mix......divine!!! and the cookie mix.

10.  Annie's Products:  My kids love the Macaroni and Cheese!  They also love the Bunny Cookies  which now come in two more varieties.  These were two of the first products I purchased online because for my kids, they were comfort foods, things they thought they would never get to eat again.  I wish Annie's would make the cheddar bunnies gf, my kids thought they were the best. is a start. This list is not complete.  I am finding new products all the time and am always looking! I hope to keep you up to date with items as I find them.  So, now the hard part.   You have to take each item into consideration and decide which ones are the best deal for your budget.  I hope this is at least a place to start. 


  1. This is a VERY good start! Thank you SO much for compiling this list, Sheila! I really, really appreciate it. I have been wondering about having my children also eat GF for various reasons (so far it's just me, except for dinner when I only make one GF meal). But I think the hardest part would be their snacks. With 6 little children, snacks can get really expensive ... The ones you listed are good options.

    P.S. With the coconut flour blend, can you "taste" the coconut? I have to admit I am not a coconut fan, and the almond blend wouldn't work for my nut-allergy child. I bought King Arthur's Flour Blend at my local grocery, just because I needed something to begin with. So far it has been fine, but I haven't used it for a bigger baking recipe.

  2. Hi Sarah,

    I don't think the coconut blend has a coconut taste at all. I personally can't distinguish the coconut flavor. I made a pumpkin and apple cake with it most recently and no one indicated they could taste any coconut. Hope that helps.

  3. Yes, that is helpful. Thank you! I haven't done that much baking, but when I do I will want to use the best, most consistent flour-blend, so I'd be willing to give it a try based on your and Sarah's recommendation =) I did make birthday cupcakes from the GF Cake Mix Doctor cookbook, and they turned out great! They even called for coconut milk in place of sour cream, and I couldn't taste it =) I hope to make those chocolate cookies that you posted awhile ago for Christmas ... I noticed that your daughter added Andes Mints. Is there so little milk in them (as well as in chocolate chips) that you don't worry about it?

  4. The Andes Mints are not dairy free. I am not a big mint fan so I did not eat the cookies. I do sometimes eat chocolate chips when Cinnamon makes Triple Chocolate Cookies using the Hershey's Special Dark Cocolate Chips. I can tell I have eaten something with dairy in it....but it was worth every bite :) Another option for sour cream is to use Toffuti's Better Than Sour Cream. We used it in a cake recipe and it was delicious. I plan on using it and the cream cheese version for several Christmas recipes this year!


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