Monday, January 9, 2012

Let's Talk Turkey...Burgers

I can easily rely on routine.  Often times I find myself making the same dinners each month.  I try to challenge myself with New Menu Night and I have also started to shop with an eye for something new to try each month.  I am always on the lookout for something new with a "Gluten Free" printed neatly on the package.  It helps me stretch.  Break from the routine a bit.

Last week I went to Costco and found something new:  turkey burgers.

I know.  Turkey burgers are not new to most people.  I told you I rely on routine and quite frankly, turkey burgers were not on my radar.  They sound a bit too, I don't know, healthy?  But there on the bag printed oh so neatly were those two magic words!  How could I pass this up!

There are a couple more features that make this worth purchasing.  First the prep time is quick!  Twenty minutes quick!  Sometimes being gluten free is hard because there is so much preparation and planning involved.  It is nice to find something that you can make in a hurry!  Second, the ingredient list is short and only uses words I can pronounce like turkey, kosher salt, rosemary extract, and pepper.  Can't hide much in there!  Finally, the cost is $10.49 for 12.  Using five for my family only costs me $4.37.  If I add a salad and perhaps some fries or roasted vegetables I can round out this meal rather nicely for around eight dollars.

Tonight we had turkey burgers topped with onions, pineapple, avocado slices, and tomatoes.  Everyone loved it! 

I served it with the salad and fries, because well, I decided to have a balanced meal: the healthy turkey burger and the maybe-not-so-healthy fries.

Anyway, it looks yummy to me!  And it was!

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  1. Ha! That's funny- I think that's probably why we don't eat too many turkey burgers-- they DO sound awfully healthy, don't they? ;) But paired with fries they make a lot more sense. :)

    I bet Andy would love these. Thanks for the heads up.


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