Saturday, October 29, 2011

Double Chocolate Yum!

There's a new baker in the house!  Paprika has joined the ranks in the gf kitchen.  Today she wanted to make cookies.  Much to my surprise, she had never baked cookies before (that can happen with twins).  I suddenly realized Cinnamon was my only baker....until today! 

Paprika decided to make some amazing chocolate mint cookies by adapting a recipe found in The Cake Mix Doctor Bakes Gluten-Free, by Anne Byrn.

 This is a great cookbook for people looking for an easy way to start gluten-free baking.  The recipes we have tried have all been delicious.  The recipes use simple ingredients and  gluten free cake mixes.  Today we used Betty Crocker's  Devil's Food Cake mix to make the Chocolate Cloud Cookies, with a minty twist.

Paprika followed the recipe in the book and then simply folded in Andes Creme De Menthe Baking Chips.  They turned out delicious!  Way to go Paprika.  She can bake me cookies anytime.  I really mean anytime.  Okay,  I would suggest soon, since these cookies won't last long when Dan finds them.

Meanwhile, today....on the other side of the kitchen baking up a storm, we had Cinnamon.  My kitchen was filled with smells of chocolate and vanilla.  Cinnamon made chocolate donuts with a white chocolate glaze and her chocolate topped donuts to take to church tomorrow.


The chocolate ones are  my favorite.  I will probably have to have another one just to make sure.  Thanks Cinnamon and Paprika for making my day filled with chocolaty goodness.

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  1. The donuts were awesome! (We told the kids 'no donuts this week' since we've been consuming WAY too much Halloween candy, but we weren't able to resist. We ate them anyway! They were scrumptious!

    And, um, how 'bout you pop two of those cookies into the freezer for me? For Thursday? Please? :)



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