Sunday, March 25, 2012

You Have Got To Be Kidding!

I just wanted to share a few pictures, courtesy of Cinnamon, of the beautiful spring morning I awoke to last Thursday.  Yes, March 22nd.   Do you have visions of wild flowers dancing through your heads? Sun shining through puffy white clouds?  Birds chirping from trees beginning to bud and blossom?  Beautiful, isn't it?

But this is REALITY!  And REALITY is......... well, apparently reality is white and considerably colder!  Not that I am complaining.  It only sounds like I am.  I enjoy cloudy, snowy spring days.  Really, I do.  Maybe it will stick around for a few more weeks, then we could hunt for bright colored Easter eggs in fluffy white SNOW!!!!

Okay.  Maybe it was pretty.  A little.  Well, maybe even a lot, but that doesn't mean it needs to stick around.  Right?

1 comment:

  1. As someone that doesn't get snow I think it is absolutely stunning!!! Enjoy your gift! And I think hunting for eggs in the snow would make awesome photos!!!


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